1. The gambling services offered by IGT (Gibraltar) Limited (including the IGT “MegaJackpots®” games) are licensed and regulated by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority for players outside of Great Britain.

    For those players resident within Great Britain these Gambling Services are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission under license/reference number 41794.

  2. Definitions

    2.1. “IGT” means IGT (Gibraltar) Limited;

    2.2. “MegaJackpots®” means the highest available payout in a MegaJackpots® Game;

    2.3. “MegaJackpots® Game” means any one (1) or more of the following: MegaJackpots® Cleopatra, MegaJackpots® Golden Goddess, MegaJackpots® Isle O'Plenty, MegaJackpots® Siberian Storm, MegaJackpots® Star Lanterns, and MegaJackpots® Wolf Run.

    2.4. “Re-Seed Amount” means the highest available payout immediately following a MegaJackpots® win; and

    2.5. “Website Provider” means the company responsible for the operation of the gambling websites upon which the MegaJackpots® Game(s) are promoted and “Website” shall mean those gambling websites.

  3. MegaJackpots® is funded by IGT from funds received from the Website Providers and the rate which MegaJackpots® increases is dependent upon those funds.

  4. MegaJackpots® is a trademark or registered trademark in the U.S. and/or elsewhere and is used by IGT with permission.

  5. Unless otherwise stated, the copyright and all other intellectual property rights in each MegaJackpots® Game (including without limitation photographs and graphical images) are owned by IGT.

  6. You may not play any MegaJackpots® Game if you or a member of your household are or have ever been an employee of International Game Technology of 9295 Prototype Drive Reno, NV 89521 United States (“IGAM”), IGT or any of IGAM’s or IGT’s subsidiaries or associated companies. For the purposes of this clause “employee” includes third party contractors such as licensors, software suppliers, developers or partners and all those persons in any way affiliated with IGAM, IGT or any of IGAM’s or IGT’s subsidiaries or associated companies.

  7. Wagers placed on the MegaJackpots® Games are only valid if accepted by IGT’s server. Until acceptance of the wager by IGT’s server all information displayed relating to a MegaJackpots® Game constitutes an invitation to play only. You agree that IGT’s records shall be the final authority in determining the validity and terms of any wagers you place and the circumstances in which they were made. IGT reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse or limit any wager you place. Where a wager is invalid, refused or its value is limited, any sum deducted from your account with respect to that stake will be re-credited to your account.

  8. In the event that you win MegaJackpots® the Website Provider will provide IGT with your name, age, town, county, state and/or country of residence together with the fact that you have won MegaJackpots® and you will be required to supply proof of your identity, residence and age to IGT.

  9. When you play a MegaJackpots® Game you authorise IGT, in the event that you win MegaJackpots®, to publicise your name, town, county, state and/or country of residence together with the fact that you have won MegaJackpots®. Verification of a win in a MegaJackpots® Game can take up to 72 business hours. If you win MegaJackpots® you only become entitled to the prize money once your win has been verified. Where a win is not verified to IGT’s satisfaction that win can be annulled by IGT without any liability to you.

  10. If you win MegaJackpots® you will be informed in writing when your win has been verified. Except in case of a MegaJackpots® win, the prize money in any MegaJackpots® Game will, provided all these terms and conditions and all the Website’s terms and conditions have been observed, be paid to you by the Website Provider. In case of a MegaJackpots® win IGT will, provided all these terms and conditions and all the Website’s terms and conditions have been observed, pay or procure the payment of the prize money to you. If you win MegaJackpots® the prize money shall be paid to you in one lump sum payment. For the avoidance of doubt, no interest will accrue in your favour on any unpaid balance.

  11. Either IGT or the Website Provider may discontinue the provision of any one (1) or more MegaJackpots® Games at any time. Should either IGT or the Website Provider decide to discontinue the provision of a MegaJackpots® Game, or should a MegaJackpots® Game become unavailable due to any event outside the control of IGT and/or any Website Provider, any prize money related to that Game’s MegaJackpots® shall be appropriated by IGT.

  12. Following a MegaJackpots® win IGT shall be entitled to establish the Re-Seed Amount at its absolute discretion.

  13. IGT may in its absolute discretion increase the MegaJackpots® amount at any time or whilst ensuring that it is clear to you, decrease the size of the MegaJackpots® amount including upon setting a new Re-Seed Amount following a MegaJackpots® win.

  14. In an exceptionally rare case, two players may simultaneously win MegaJackpots®. The order of the winners is determined solely by the timestamp applied to each transaction request as it is received by the MegaJackpots® server. The official MegaJackpots® winning outcome belongs to the player whose transaction timestamp is first. The player whose timestamp is second may win the jackpot Re-Seed Amount if their MegaJackpots® winning outcome occurred just after the other player’s MegaJackpots® win, but before the MegaJackpots® meter was able to reset.

  15. You shall not hold IGT, its owners, employees, affiliates, suppliers or other companies or people linked to IGT responsible for any costs or damages (including without limitation, any direct, indirect, punitive or consequential loss or damages or any loss of income profits, goodwill, data or contracts and whether in tort, contract or otherwise) that you incur as a result of your: use of the Website or the Megajackpots® Games; use of any material from the Website; use of any IGT’s servers; use of any of IGT’s software; or participation in any Megajackpots® Game or the winning of any prize; nothing in these terms and conditions shall exclude or limit liability for any matter, liability for which cannot be excluded under the applicable law.

  16. Payment of all taxes, duties and fees payable in connection with any winnings you become entitled to by playing the MegaJackpots® Games is your sole responsibility.

  17. You agree to fully indemnify, defend and hold IGT its owners, employees, affiliates, suppliers or other companies or people linked to IGT, harmless immediately on demand from and against all claims, demands liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including legal fees and any other charges whatsoever, howsoever caused, that may arise as a result: of any breach by you of these terms and conditions; violation by you of any law or the rights of any third party; use by you of the Megajackpots® Games or use by any other person accessing the Megajackpots® Games using your user identification, whether or not with your authorisation; or acceptance of any winnings.